Occupational Therapy Assessment:

Assessment is an integral part of the therapeutic process, as it provides the key to identifying each child’s unique needs and skills related to participation in “typical” childhood experiences, such as school, peer and family relationships, sports and play. We offer assessments for motor coordination/handwriting skills, gross motor skill development and sensory processing. The assessment’s results and recommendations are documented in comprehensive reports. A full assessment takes around 2 hours and it costs : € 450
OT assessment Deposit : 100

Occupational Therapy Interventions:

Our Ayres® Sensory Integration room, is a sensory-motor gym and offer a variety of rich, therapeutic experiences utilising therapeutic suspended equipment and materials to motivate and engage the child in playing. Therapy programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of each child in order to maximise development and independent performance in daily living skills. With the assessments findings, Mane and the client’s family, will design an individualised and unique goals settings report to work on the block of therapy sessions. At the end of the block, a progress report with the goals reviewed is provided.

Frequency, length and duration of therapy are determined by the clinical recommendations from the assessment. Family education and home programming are an integral part of a child’s progress and the therapeutic process. Cost : € 100

School Visit: on request

Summer Camps : TBC

Therapeutic groups: TBC

Therapeutic yoga: TBC

Parents, Teachers and Health Professionals workshop: TBC