Some testimonials from parents:

Mane is absolutely amazing with kids. she provided exceptional OT support to my son to help him with day-to-day tasks. and self-care, emotional regulation and social skills. She is very intuitive and picks up what the child needs and find a way to connect and engage with each child. my son absolutely loved his therapy sessions with her and his older brother loved coming along as Mane always found a way o include him, which was brilliant for helping my 2 boys to find ways to play together.

Gillian (Son with ASD, aged 5)

Mane worked with my daughter Lucia over a few months. We found her to be endlessly positive and optimistic! Her dealings with Lucia were always kind and fun while as an observing parent I always sensed that she was working towards specific goals.
Mane was also very encouraging of me as a parent in taking on ideas and projects that I could work together on with my daughter at home.
The work Mane did with Lucia made a huge difference to her and our family life!

We loved our time with Mane and would hesitate to recommend her!

Working with Mane was a turning point for our family. She not only knew exactly how to work with our son, but completely understood our difficulties and frustrations and showed us what we needed to do to overcome them. Therapy sessions were fun, relaxed and informative. She answered all our questions and gave us the recommendations and tools to make amazing progress. If you are looking for answers for your child, this is the place to be! N. (son aged 30 months)